Holiday Park Wijde Aa

Children's fun

  • Go-karts
  • Swimming
  • Playing tennis
  • Building huts
  • Mini-stage
  • Playing football

There's something for every child

Park Wijde Aa offers plenty of entertainment for children of any age during a wonderful holiday or a weekend getaway. At Park Wijde Aa children can really be children. Nothing is required, it's OK to to nothing. We decided not to offer large-scale animation; children can choose themselves what they want to do on a given day.

Go-kart riding

We have different kinds of go-karts at our park and your children can use the go-karts for free. This way they can go riding together with their brothers, sisters or new friends and explore the park in their own way. Done playing with the go-kart? Your child can bring it back to where it came from, so other children can use it again.

Our play barn and stable

Our play barn is especially equipped for children. Your child can hammer under your supervision in our special carpentry corner. The most beautiful creations are realised here. It's great to saw and hammer, just because it's possible. Still rather give a performance with brothers, sisters or friends? No problem, your child will find a mini-stage in the play barn, where children can perform a show together.

For the older children there's a table tennis table and football game. Smaller children can play in the special mini-house in the play barn. Just outside our play barn you will find our small water playing equipment. Here your children can build sandcastles and play with water.

Our stable

In the stable you can play (board)games or the older children can play a game of pool (for a fee).  

Rather do something more active?

Of course that is also possible. You can play a game of football on the football field or play a game of tennis on the tenniscourt. Is your child hot from all the effort? They can swim and cooldown in the Wijde Aa, directly from our swimming dock. Afterwards your kids will enjoy themselves together with their friends with a bucket and landingnet catching frogs or other animals in the park, .

Holidaypark Park Wijde Aa: lots of children's fun guaranteed!

In short, a stay in Park Wijde Aa is not only nice for you, but your children will certainly also have a great time here. And let's be honest: your holiday is really perfect if your child is enjoying itself!

Play barn
Swimming at Park Wijde Aa
Catching frogs

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