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Discover the events, routes, restaurants, and sights of Kaag and Braassem. Here, you will find a selection of the many possibilities for a special day out in the beautiful area of Kaag and Braassem.

Go explore and experience the story of Kaag and Braassem.

Plan your own boat trip from Park Wijde Aa

Via the app of Sloepennetwerk you can easily map out your boat route. You can take into account the length and duration of your trip, as well as the clearance height and water depths. This prevents delay by, for example, a low bridge that should be opened.

At the end of your trip via Sloepennetwerk you moor your boat in our marina and will be able to look back on a fantastic experience, all while enjoying a drink.

Instant booking

Did you get excited about exploring our polders by bike or about exploring the Kaag and Braassem by boat? Book one of our beautiful accommodations now or come and camp on our camping site.


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