Park Wijde Aa

Park Wijde Aa: plenty of water sports

  • Plenty water sport opportunities
  • Own water jetty
  • Direct access to water

Wijde Aa: enjoy the water

The Wijde Aa is an elongated lake in the municipality Kaag and Braassem in the north of South Holland. On the west side, the Wijde Aa arrives at the (Kromme) Does near Hoogmade. On the east side, north of Woubrugge, the Wijde Aa forms a tripe crossroad with the Woudwetering and the Paddegat (Braassemmeer). Nowadays, the Wijde Aa is a continuous route for pleasure cruise and commercial cruise from the Braassemmeer to Hoogmade and Leiden it offers a lot of water sport possibilities.


Enjoy swimming or sailing

The lake is a popular destination for swimmers, pleasure cruise and sailboats in the summer. You have direct access to the water from our park. In short, enjoy swimming from the swimming dock, sailing in our sailboat or boat. Enjoy!

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